Connect to Ubuntu Virtualbox webserver

I could setup a Ubuntu webserver LAMP. I installed elinks text browser into the webserver and I could access the work default html page.

So that does work. In Virtualbox settings I set up a Bridged Adapter with the name eth0

In the webserver executing the statement :  
ip addr show

Open in new window

returns also
eth0 ... inet brd scope global ...
So it seems that network adapter eth0 has a global scope with ip address

According to the documentation and samples videos I have seen I should be able to access the webserver from an other Virtualbox client. But I can not.

I can ping the ip addresses successful but trying to connect using a browser in different Virtualbox client returns "Unable to connect"

What can be wrong and how can I correct this.
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bernard100Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for your reply.

For me there was no solution. Ubuntu Virtualbox webserver was not working for me. And there was no working advice for me to pin-point the problem and solve it within Virtualbox client.

In the end I had to use a physical server. Which works.
First of all i guess your vms are in the same subnet right?
Can you open / ping another ip on the network where is not a virtual or host machine (like a router) ?
A good start would be to give your clients bridged to a physical adapter. (but assign them a new mac address).
Then your clients will use the same adapter as a channel. whatever your host reaches, it will be reached by the clients(vms).
since you already installed virtual box, i would suggest to add also phpvirtualbox (a web based configuration/monitoring project)
I hope that helped.
Please feedback on your problem
bernard100Author Commented:
The VMS are indeed on the same subnet. Even on the same IP adress also global.
This supprises me, so the Virtualbox client webserver can not be uniquly addressed.

Yes I can ping anything from any location.

My clients are both bridged to to physical adapter and have a different MAC address.

But I want my Virtualbox client webserver to be available in all my local network, within the same subnet, not only within Virtualbox hosts and clients.

I wanted to follow your suggestion about PHPvirtualbox as help. It seems that for my version of Virtualbox 4.0.4 I first have to install Virtualbox package. I tried to do so but just extracting the file failed.
This seems to be an escalation itself, and I do not want to continue that way.
I have been seeing a lot of Youtube instruction videos and it all should be quit strait forward.
bernard100Author Commented:
It is no solution. Its a work-arround. But I have to close this question.
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