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Hi, I'm using cyberlink powerdirector and creating a "cell" slideshow. This mixes pictures infront of a black background very well. However I would like to change the background so that it can be branded or merge into the web page better and cannot see how to do this.
There are no visible settings for this so I have looked in the folder structure for background images and chanegd these but to no avail.
Any ideas? I have obviously tried the power director forum as well.
Simon CrippsOwnerAsked:
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Which version do you have Crippsy, it's a bit difficult to help you without knowing that as the versions are different.
I had and loved PD9 but then upgraded to 10, not really impressed with it.
The templates obviously don't meet with a lot of enthusiasm and there is not a lot you can do with them without the use of good knowledge and tricks..
Tricks is a big requirements with PD10
If you make a slideshow with the template first then add magic motion.
PDD 9 and 10
If you're putting the images in the main video track, you're stuck with black background
 It can't be changed.
 However when you put the images in one of the PiP tracks, you can insert a colour board (or any background you like) in the main track.
The use of color boards allows you to insert solid frames of color into your video.
Colour boards are really useful as quick transitions ( between video clips or as background for titles and ending credits. )
May or may not be what you want though
PD 10
To add a color board to the timeline, go to top EDIT then under EDIT See All Content and next to that is an Arrow>click on that arrow. select coloured boards, now you should see a lot of coloured boards, to create a new custom, in the center there is a icon looks like a stack of boxes with a green arrow click on that.
Color Board Basics Power Director 8/9 Tutorial

There is a work around  Wow slider for web
Slideshow Designer pretty nice
Within the Slideshow Designer you can select from a number of slideshow templates.
Each template will create a completely different type of slideshow.
Magic Motion
Coloured boards PD 10coloured boards pictured
Any updates  Crippsy, can I help with anything else?
Just sending you a ping that you forgot your question.
Regards Merete
Simon CrippsOwnerAuthor Commented:
Many thanks, very useful
Thank you Crippsy that's good to know and glad I could help
regards Merete
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