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JPG image gets degraded on mobile broadband

I've had a surprise and seek an explanation for it.
I usually have my web page images as JPG. On my normal broadband connection the image quality is exactly as I see it on my PC.
But I've looked at the page with a mobile broadband connection on same PC and ... the images are grossly degraded!
I replaced with a PNG and the quality is now ok.
My question is, just curious, why and how and where does the JPG image get degraded and how (if) that can be prevented?

(my normal broadband is normal household connection, and my mobile is via a USB dongle from T-Mobile)

Thanks for any insights.
1 Solution
hindersalivaAuthor Commented:
New info.
Apparently, T-Mobile compresses the web!!!!! See here

I was researching why the link to some of my images on my page point to . That path does not feature in my (rather simple) ASP page that gets data from a database such as path to images.


So does that mean that all visitors to my page (commercial video tutorials I'm producing) who are on a T-Mobile broadband connection get what T-Mobile decide, rather than what I have produced????!

BTW the site is hosted elsewhere.
The carriers on mobile do all kinds of nasty stuff.  They can get away with it because the users expect poor quality for historical reasons.  As long as the users are willing to pay for crappy connects, degraded images and drop connections; the carriers will be happy to sell it to them.  

You have nothing to say about what they do with the content.  Your site pays a hosting company to host the site, they buy bandwith from a carrier who may or may not junk the content, but by the time it gets to the other end it has been through additional carriers, and the quality, is whatever the worst carrier down the line passed along.

Unless you are prepared to build and manage your own network, you have no control over the quality of the final product being delivered.  Even then you would still not have any control over the quality of the hardware at the other end or user settings that screw things up.


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