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I have a couple of Reporting Services reports whch work well that management would like me to put on a large screen in the sales office....

I like to be able to get the reports to cycle from one to the other etc. without user input but do not know how to do this - any ideas on how I can achieve this?
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Nico BontenbalCommented:
You might be able to use the AutoRefresh property for this. When you set this the report will refresh after the number of seconds set in the property. But that would only refresh the current report. So you can create a main report that holds all the reports as subreports. Set all those subreports to invisible except one. The trick is to determine which one. You could use a stored procedure that increments the value of a field in a table by one and returns the new value. Based on this number you could determine which subreport to show. You could also use the current time and do a mod on that to determine the report to show.

Another approach would be to write some vb script that starts IE and navigates to the first report. Then the script pauses for a few minutes and the next report is loaded. And at the end of the list it returns to the first report again. You can find some more information about this here:
to let the script wait use this:
sagarhAuthor Commented:
Fantastic! I used the first option of several sub reports linked to a variable which works!

The main report looks up a value in a table - in turn that value is updated by a stored procedure which runs every a treat

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