Getting Mono Recordings on iTunes to play through both earpieces/speakers

I have hundreds of songs captured from old reel-to-reel tapes and put into iTunes.  They are mono, and play only through one earpiece or one speaker.

Is there a way I can get the mono to play through both channels on computer, iPhone, iPod, or if I have the iPhone/Ipod hooked up through stereo system? Converting the files?  Some sort of splitter hookup?

Many thanks for any advice.
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Hamidreza VakilianConnect With a Mentor Senior iOS DeveloperCommented:
Convert the files to stereo then move them to iTunes.
For conversion you have these choices:
LRG15Author Commented:
Programmer-X:  Thank you for your prompt reply.  Won't have a chance to try read in detail and try solution for a day or so, but I promise to get back to you within a few days.

Many thanks
LRG15Author Commented:

Your method would be fine, except I found a way to do it with software I already have installed:  Roxio Creator 11.  I can pull the music m4a files back off of iTunes (out of iTunes music folder) and into Roxio Sound Editor- and then throw the switch that duplicates channel A to Channel B ("Mono Mix" is the name of the switch). Two hassles:  With hundreds of tracks will have to essentially do it track-by-track (Roxio will only allow bulk conversion if I am willing to have track separators removed and have all tracks be in same "clip").  That is tedious, but not as tedious as the rest of the project.  

Does not appear to be a way to just save converted files back into iTunes folder so I have to burn a CD for each batch, then rip it into iTunes - and as these are compilations (mostly created by taping off radio 1957-1969) I have to fill in all the info again (song title, artist, etc).

Since you came up with methods that would have worked, I am accepting your solution and awarding the points.

Thank you again for responding.
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LRG15Author Commented:
Will entail tedious track-by-track maniuplations and burning converted tracks and ripping back intoiTunes - and filling in all info again for each track, but so be it.  My own fault for not dealing with this issue when I first digitized this analog material.
Hamidreza VakilianSenior iOS DeveloperCommented:
Thank you & hope you will make it well.
LRG15Author Commented:
Final comment- project just became a lot easier. Using the Roxio "export tracks/clips" and the iTunes "add file/folder to library" all the info is preserved, saving that tedious last step.
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