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Random disconnects within citrix xen app 6


I currently have a xen app 6 sever farm, servers are 2008R2.

Users primarly use Hp thin clients which have the old program neibourhood client on them, this client is setup to do a direct ica to a server in the farm; on the application list im selecting to launch the published desktop.

Users are experencing random disconnects from the servers, at least a couple of times a day. Im fairly confident its not the network as theres no drop off in packets and it happens to users randomly.

When users are disconnected some users get prompted to reconnect if they do this generally there session will reconnect to where it left off ( I'm assuming these users have session relibilty turn on client side) other users get disconnected entirely and have to click the shortcut on the thin client to reconnect.

Server side the event log shows a couple of Reliabilty server Errors Event ID 112
An error occurred when processing outgoing CGP downstream data

and a few warning about printer GP's

Any thoughts ?
1 Solution
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Is xte service running in xenapp server? if not try to restart the service. If you face an issue with XTE then try to copy httpd:conf file from some other server and start the XTE service. also check this citrix forum discussion http://forums.citrix.com/thread.jspa?threadID=252590&start=0&tstart=0
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
XTE service is running.

I've had a good read through that article,  I dont get the error messages most people are reporting, my enivorment is almost fully patched in terms of ms fixes and patched to hot roll up 1 on the xen app side of things.
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
should be also fully patched not almost.
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Daniel BorgerCommented:
I'd check to see if you can update the firmware on the devices. I've seen older firmware cause all kinds of connection issues.  The upgrade may get you the option to use the PN lite which would allow you to use a PNagent service ssite on web interface. If you cannot upgrade for some reason make sure that the server you are using to connect to for app enumeration is a dedicated zone data collector, and is not being used for anything else like publishing apps. Also you should make sure that you have the Citrix computer policy set to trust XML server requests.
Double check that the users actually do have session reliability turned on on their side.  The behavior that you're describing is what occurs sans session reliability but with auto reconnection.

Little network blips happen all the time, so even though your network data looks pretty clean, there still may be a few packets being lost here and there, causing the disconnection.  

Also, double check your disconnect/timeout configurations, both in Citrix and AD policies.  It's quite possible that your timeout sessions are set very short and when the user attempts to reconnect, the session was already terminated.
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
Issue seems to have resolved itself over time, never found an answer so can only assume it was some sort of blip or network issue that been resolved
Z1ggyAuthor Commented:
issue resolved

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