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Hi Experts,

I have a basic question.  If an app is created with vb.net, producing an .exe file,  how do I include permssions?

If I create an app that copies a file from one server to another or updates an access database, how do I assign permissions to enable it to do this on different servers?  
Do you set up an account with rights?  How do put that in the program?  The exe will be started from a job on the server - no human interation.  

With the web you use IUSRS.  

Can you point out some good links on this?
Oh and using VB.net, VS 2010 and framework 4.0

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Luis PérezSoftware Architect in .NetCommented:
The most simple point of view for this is that, if the exe is going to start from a job (in the Task Scheduler, for example), in that job you can specify which user is going to do the task. So, if you assign a user account with enough permissions to do all your stuff, you don't need to worry about it.

Other more complicated points of view include use of different technologies. For example, inside your VB.net code you can do Impersonation to temporaly adopt any identity inside the system, do your stuff and return to the original identity.

Hope that helps.
jshesekAuthor Commented:
Sounds like with task schedular & impersonation there has to be an account set up.

Last time I checked, they were getting a little weird on that.

Is there a standard account setup that would handle this?  Comparable to IUSRS in IIS?
On windows, application are run with the same identity as the user launching the app. With task schedular, however, you have to specify the account to use for starting the app. There are builtin accounts like Network Service, Local Service, System etc but I think these are not suitable for running your own apps.
jshesekAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys - talked to the Network guys and they agree.
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