Windows Media Player and wrong songs playing

Hello all,
I ran into this issue yesterday and I can't figure it out.
The client uses using WMP 12 to manage and play his music.  He has most, if not all, of his album covers for his collection.  What has been happening is that one particular album cover has been populating in place of those he does not have.  For instance, Aerosmith's Get You Wings will have The Crow soundtrack cover in its place.  This is the cover being placed in those albums where there is no cover available.  We are also seeing wrong songs being played, for instance, Aerosmith's Dream On, when chosen, will play Elvis Presley's Hound Dog.  

What I have done:
Rolled back to WMP 11 (no help) back up to WMP 12
Downloaded and installed iTunes, surprisingly, the same issue occurs.
Cut The Crow soundtrack album from the music album and dropped it on the dekktop to see what would happen, same issue.
I did run Combofix and Malwarebytes to make sure there wasn't anything running around that wasn't supposed to be there, there wasn't.

Win 7 Home Premium x64
4 GB
1 TB

Client uses website to download music.  It's not a bittorrent site, but you can dl music (most anything) for free.  
I have heard of uploads that are purposely have the wrong labels, but the cover art thing I haven't seen before.

Any help?
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Could also be the fact the file/s names are not correct and WMP uses Gracenoted to look up the file and give it the correct author and Album covers.
 Gracenotes formerly called CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base), is a company that maintains and licenses an Internet-accessible database containing information about the contents of audio
Are they WMA or mp3?
Does he have Winamp, if Winamp auto tagged it incorrectly?
 if he dropped a file onto Winamp then rightclick it then go to view file info
clicked on Auto tag
It may have given it a wrong tag based on the name..

Downloading free music from that site is probably illegal and the tracks are copyrighted hense the wrong tags?? DRM have been tampered with.
It looks highly risky to download from there.

It also seems to be a problem in WMP library/playlists
 if he renamed a few audio file and did not update the library/playlists correctly it may have corrupted the entire library/playlists
I would delete the Library and playlists and recreate them.

Don't use WMP use Winamp instead.
I don't think that this has anything to do with the actual WMP, but there is probably something messed up with his ID3 tags. When you said that he tries to play one song, but another one actually plays, what is actually happening is that the file (let's call it "song1.mp3") has an ID3 tag that says "song2". So, when you think that you're clicking on "song2", it's actually playing "song1.mp3". You can verify this by right-clicking on the song in WMP, and then click "open file location". That should take you to the actual file in Explorer. First, you can see what it's called and if it matches the ID3 tag, and the you can launch it right from Explorer to see what plays (because it's possible that the filename is also not correct for whatever song that MP3 holds).

If I'm right, and that's what going on, then he most likely used some ID3 tag editing software and screwed stuff up.
jwhite273Author Commented:
OK, I'll have a look.  I don't think he messed anything up as he's truly a nubee when it comes to his tech.  

I'll let you know how we make out.
Just checking to see if you figured out what was happening
jwhite273Author Commented:
The client is using a site that is known for content that may not be all squeaky clean.  He's going to try this, but if it doesn't work, he'll leave sleeping dogs to lie.  Thanks!
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