MS Access 2007: Need Exclusive Database Access

Hello Experts! I am looking for guidance with a snag that I have run into below.

Goal: Get exclusive access to the front-end database so I can update Access objects.

I have inherited a database(s)/application and need to make several changes to objects such as; forms, queries, etc. Here is what I am working with ("Some" is replacing the actual name of the database):

MS Access Version: 2007

Shortcut file: "Shortcut to SomeDatabase"
- File properties > Target > Workgroup file

Workgroup file: "SomeDatabase"
Front end database: "SomeDatabase"
Back end database: "SomeDatabase_be"

Here's my understanding of how this currently works:
1. I launch the shortcut file and enter credentials to login
- In this case, I log in as Owner (full administrator access to all objects)

2. The shortcut file checks the credentials with the workgroup file and if the credentials are correct, then the front-end database is launched.

3. Once I am in the front-end database, I click on design mode for any object and receive this error:

"You do not have exclusive access to the database at this time. If you proceed to make changes, you may not be able to save them later."

A few notes here that may be helpful:
Front-end database > Windows toolbar > Advanced > Advanced group > Default open mode > Exclusive (selected)

Toolbar > Users and Permissions > User and Group Permissions > User/Group Name: Owner, Object Name = Current Database > Permissions > Open Exclusive (checked), Open/Run (checked), Administrator (checked)

I want to be able to log-in through the shortcut as Owner and make modifications to objects.

Suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you
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Moosehead_Author Commented:
Fixed! After I posted this, I tried a new approach and it worked. Maybe this will come in handy for someone else that has run into this same issue.

Here's what I did to resolve this issue:
1. Renamed the workgroup file to: "SomeDatabase1"
2. Updated the shortcut file target properties to point to the new workgroup file name.
3. Logged in as Owner into the shortcut file and can now modify objects in the front-end database with exclusive access.

It looks like, in order to gain exclusive access to an Access database, all of the database files that are associated with the database should have unique names, or at the least, cannot be named the same as the database that needs exclusive access.
Moosehead_Author Commented:
No need to award points for this question. It ended up being an informational post.
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