RDC 2.1.1 for Mac - Win 2008 R2 SP1


I am trying on a MacBook with Snow Leopard to connect to Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 with RDC 2.1.1
I got error "Certifikatets servernamn är inkorrekt" (Swedish -> "The server certifiate is incorrect", do you want to connect anyway?

This is not a problem from a Windows client...

Any ideas?
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ryan80Connect With a Mentor Commented:
this link should show you how to do it.

You most likely dont have a public ssl cert for the server so the Mac says that it is incorrect because it does not trust the issuer. If you have Windows clients that are part of the domain, it probably trust the domain controller that was used to issue the certificate so there is no message. Or on the PC it come up the first time and then was selected to never show again.
cynkanAuthor Commented:
Thats correct that I dont have a public SSL. Is that a requirement for Mac?

Has that cert to be in a IIS or can I just add that to personal certs in the 2008 server?
The 2008 server already have a private certificate. The domain computers just trust the issuing server already so there is no error. This shouldn't really be an issue except that you will get this warning. If you want to remove this you have to accept the certificate or issuing server on each computer having this message, or the more practical option of getting a public certificate. You can get one from Godaddy for about 20 $ per year.
cynkanAuthor Commented:
Domain trust I am aware about and also the internal cert but this connection is done by internet. In the Mac RDC 2.1.1 client there is no option to install the cert so it seems that it has to match. My question then are how this SSL cert has to be produced (we purchase our´s from VeriSign). Should it be the full FQDN name? I cant just purchase one for test and then redo another common name on the cert.
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