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I would like to put my personal signature on the job

Hi, everyone
I started my new job as IT Director. Beside my daily IT taks I would like to do something special for all the members of the company. Something so that they can remember. Something may be related to customer service. An autstanding something.
I am looking for some ideas. did someone has some suggestions? I would like to put a smile on their face and have them to think " this is someting good" this is something we really need it in our company.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and Ideas
4 Solutions
Obviously it has to be something that is highly visible. People will notice something like the change in OWA from 2003 to 2010, but nothing about the operation in the background. An increase in mailbox size would be another thing that would be noticed if it is currently small.

They will not notice that you got HA for servers, or that the wiring was redone, or that a server was patched. They will only notice that you dont have those things if there is a problem.

1. Increase mailbox sizes
2. update look of some internal webpage. something like the color would probably make most people happy.
3. possibly a ticketing system if there is not one in place already?
4. put out a document showing them how to do all the basic things, vpn, webmail, connect their phone to email.......

It really comes down to identifying something that is lacking that people will notice and doing something about it.
You could set up a wiki with how to's company info and other directions/information.

Does it matter if it's related to IT?  If you really want to be noticed bring in cookies or something for everyone once in a while.

Weekly "how to" emails (could even be something like tips/tricks people didn't know about Microsoft Word)

I'd also ask people in different departments of your company for more ideas that could benefit the whole company.
ItaliabellaAuthor Commented:
Thank you Rayan80

Thank you Bayoubeast, no it doesn't has to be IT related...I was thinking something customer service related..
Employ a barrista with a decent coffee machine & offer free coffee to the customers & maybe the staff too
Start a weekly simple How To tips about the software you are using. Example very simple but I am guessing a lot of users do not know in IE(FF also) if it si a .com site you are going to don't type the www. or the .com just the name and Ctrl/Enter and it will fill in the start and end.
That sort of time saving tips

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