Dynamically assigning drive letters when deploying drive mappings via GPO

I'm deploying mapped drives by using server 2008r2 GPO's.

I currently have 40 GPO's for the various mappings I need to give and 40 Security groups which I use for the security flitering in the relevant GPO.

For example: If I had a GPO Called Finance to give a drive mapping to a Finance folder, I'd also have a security group called finance in which the relevant users would sit. This finance security group is the only thing specified in the security filtering.

When a user is a member of one the security group there's no problem, however when a user is a member of multiple security groups they'll only get the mapping for the GPO that's applied first. Now I know this is down to the policies trying to use the same drive letter and I could go through each policy making sure there were no conflicts but i'd rather do the drive letter assignment dynamically. Does anyone know a way of achieving this?
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rutc2008Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Doesn't work when multiple drive map policies are applied to the same user, they just get the one drive which is what I said in the question.
Sarang TinguriaSr EngineerCommented:
You may use * instead of drive letter
for eg

net use * \\UNCPATH

this will assign the available drive letter
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rutc2008Author Commented:
net use *\\UNCPATH

Isn 't that a script you're talking about?

I'm trying to get away from using scripts to deploy the drives, I want to use GPO's.
rutc2008Author Commented:
"I think GPP is better than GPO for your drive mapping
GPP allow you more granularity for security filtering."

Whether GPP is better or not it doesn't address my problem, the drive letters won't apply dynamically if If I filter security using GPP.
Yes you can apply dynamically. Check the second screen shot Drive Letter - Use the first available, starting at.
rutc2008Author Commented:
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