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Engineering Application not utilising CPU and RAM.

Good day,

My colleague is running an engineering simulation application called Honeywell Unisim Design. The application has very basic graphics but runs massive calculations which currently run at a 13% of real time, therefore the simulations take up to 8 hours to complete.

When we look at the CPU usage and RAM usage the CPU is at 11% and the RAM is using 1.1Gb.

I’ve recently built a Windows 7 64bit computer with dual Zeon 5160 3.0Ghz. and 4Gb of RAM. The pc was never indented to run simulation software but my colleague’s pc had a critical failure and that’s all I had built.

I believe the software can only use one core and is 32 bit, the application is installed locally and run from the local hdd. Whilst I understand that the application won’t be able to use all the CPU or RAM, is there any way we can improve the 11% of CPU and 1.1Gb. utilisation. I’ve tried setting the Affinity to a single CPU and increasing the Set Priority however nothing has improved the performance.        

Any help is hugely appreciated.

Many thanks,

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
In my experience, unfortunately, NO.  The problem is you have appear to have a single threaded application so it can only utilize a single CPU.  You can contact the application vendor to see if they have an updated version that may use multiple threads, but each core is basically a separate processor that can handle a thread.  You can't "add them up" or anything.  What you've done in assigning affinity and changing the priority is about the best you can do short of upgrading the processor.  And these days, processor speeds aren't seemingly getting much faster as much as they are adding cores - which is really how super computers work anyway - they assign chunks of work to each processor creating a "team" but a single threaded app insists on only one thing working on the project at a time, maximizing it's performance on multi-core systems to the capabilities of just one core.
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