DHCP SuperScope

We are running out of DHCP addresses, so I created a super scope and tried to add a child but it wont. It errors with "the mask and range conflict with an existing scope"

Here is my configuration. Am I doing something wrong?

Scope 1 - - / mask
Failed Scope 2 - / mask

I thought the whole point of the superscope was to allow you to keep everything on one subnet?
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Craig BeckConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ryan is right - the original scope is too small.  The scope you have is effectively a /24 even though your mask is a /16, so you're using nowhere near all of the /16 you have available.

If it's a Windows DHCP server you'll have to delete the scope and recreate it with a larger pool.  I'd guess you have active IP addresses between and (due to the second pool you tried to create), so why not create a pool of addresses from up to, then exclude - (you can do this as 2.255 and 50.0 are actually valid IP addresses within your range).
Sushil SonawaneCommented:
Add failed scope as / mask
ssitesAuthor Commented:
If the mask is different wont it affect them accessing the network?
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wouldnt you just increase the range of IPs under scope 1? The masks overlap the scopes
ssitesAuthor Commented:
the range is from 1 - 254 there is no room to increase
ssitesAuthor Commented:
ahh got it! Thanks guys I will do this
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