autofill browser form field on website, with a parameter from a database

We use a website which allows us to look up a vehicle registration.

Currently someone copies this from a database field into the form and then presses search.

We do a huge volume of these on a daily basis so looking for time saving mechanisms.

Ideally the user would click a button in the database and then it auto searches for the registration.

However, the website is provided by a 3rd party, so we can not amend the code to acccept a utl parameter for example.

So I have two questions!

1) would this be achieveable using browqser automation such as selenium
2) or is it possible in or javascript, i.e. get the registration number into a string variable, pass it to javascript and then insert into the field using getelementby id or anything?
3) something along the lines of a form autofill, but one which accepts a string variable passed into the browser autofill extension which then inserts into the field

Anyone got any ideas how this can be achieved or what to search for?

Our system is so I could work with that somehow.

or would something like selenium be the answer?
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You are going down a deadend if you are looking for a scripting solution in the browser.  That is a security violation and will be blocked. You might be able to do something server to server, if you have enough detail on how the form is being processed.  Generally this kind of automation requires the receiving site to co-operate with some kind of an API.

jontelukltdAuthor Commented:
I just figured I could perhaps code a browser add on, like an auto form fill, but one which would accept a variable or even just pick one up from a text file or xml file stored in the hard drive of the users machine.

Auto form fill extensions store user data somewhere right? So if I can manipulate that form data in .net then I figured I could read thosevariables and auto fill the form with the differents variables each time.

Still a dead end?
If you can get the user autofill variables populated server side, then it might work, but if you have to do any scripting in the browser to trigger it, then it will fail on a security violation.  

I don't know of any addon that can overcome the security restriction, because that is implemented in the browser primitive code.

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