vmware memory trimming

could you tell me if memory trimming is used by vmware esxi.
according to the documentation it is a method used in vmware workstation, and nothing is listed for esxi servers
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Memory Reclamation are mentods that I famiar with on how ESXi host will reclam memory from VM once phyical memory resources are used up.  If host memory are not fully used or memory limits are not reach, then ESXi host has no need to reclaim it.

Please see these two links and see if they help.

How to disable memory trimming on ESX 4.1

MemTrimRate for ESX VMs

Pleases see this Technical Doc by VMware and see if it helps.

Understanding Memory Management in VMware vSphere 5

Memory Reclamation in ESXi is on page 6.

dedriAuthor Commented:
I've already check this document and I didn't find anything regarding memory trimming. Because I found that this feature is used by vmware workstation I am wondering if this feature is used only in vmware workstation.
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