Building a calendar with Sharepoint 2010 with data from an SQL Query

From what I know about Sharepoint 2010, a calendar is simply a Sharepoint List displayed in a calendar form.

Based on this, I am trying to build a Sharepoint Foundation 2010 calendar that is populated (dynamically) from a SQL query that I have done using SQL Business Intelligence Development Studio.

The query uses two variables (beginning date and ending date) that produces a two column report that contains dates and event names between the two dates. I want to use this query result to populate the Sharepoint 2010 calendar and embed it in a Web page. I would like for someone to be able to run the query to show events for the current month.

OTHER INFO: Sharepoint Foundation 2010 is installed on Server A and SQL is installed on Server B. Both are all installed and working. My intent is to use the SQL server as a Report Server for Sharepoint. I just learned that I have to install Sharepoint Foundation on both A and B in order for A to use B as a report server.

Can this be done? If so, does anyone have any guidance on how to do this?
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kukdaiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you should do it programatically. i would suggest you to create a calendar list in SharePoint first with the field names a you want.
now write a actions or a button, which can be a user control, a web part with a button, a link in the context menu what ever prefer.
in the click event of that button write your code that will read the values from sql server and insert a new element in the calendar if not exists.
do this for all the elements present in your sql server once completed redirect the current page to the calendar list page.
this way every time a user clicks on the button he should get the calendar he wants to see picking the information from the server.
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