Increasing memory in IE8

I am currently using the following site on a daily basis doing manual searches  for people:

The problem here is that throughout the day as I stay on the site and do my searching, the ram used by IE increases to the point that IE process has  to be closed to release the memory that is being used. What can I do to troubleshoot this issue? I have already disabled image loading and third party add ons.

I cannot switch browsers at this point or upgrade to IE9. I am using windows xp pro.

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COBOLdinosaurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The page is full of all kinds of inline code generation it is likely that every time the page is refreshed it is just adding on to whatever was already there without releasing the previous memory used.   IE8 is not smart enough to detect it an do garbage collection so you end up running out of memory at some point.

There is nothing you can do.  The way the code is written indicates that the developer never considered anyone staying on the page for many references.  The net tresult is that what should be a dynamic page turns to crap under some conditions.

The problem appears to be that page.  It is creating all kinds of crappy objects, but It does not do any cleanup.  

So your options are to clear the memory yourself by shutting down, or find another site to use.

DB-ahaAuthor Commented:
COBOLdinosaur, when you say creating crappy objects, what do you mean? Can you provide some clear examples of what you are talking about? IF those examples appear to be the case, then what other options would there be to release the "crap" from the memory rather than having to kill the process every time?
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