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SSRS 2008 R2: Redrawing one map based upon clicking a polygon in another

I have an SSRS 2008 R2 report which has 2 map objects; a main map, and a sub-map. (They're actually treemaps, but I believe that's unimportant.)

My objective is that when a polygon is clicked in the main map, it passes one of its properties to the sub-map, and the sub-map is updated in the context of this passed property.

Currently, I have a hidden parameter on the report. The sub-map's dataset is dependent on this parameter. So in the main map, under map polygon properties, I have the Action set to "Go to report", and it calls itself again with a property of the polygon passed to the report parameter.

I'm just wondering if there's a more elegant way to do this (perhaps custom code?), and if there's a way to avoid re-drawing the report.

I could see, perhaps, getting a larger dataset for the sub-map, applying a filter based on the passed parameter.... but is a re-submit still necessary?

One more question: is there a way to highlight the polygon (eg: a dotted border) on hover-over and/or mouse-click? I know tooltips exist, but they don't identify boundaries.

An example based upon AdventureWorks data is attached.
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Nico BontenbalCommented:
I'm afraid the refresh is necessary. The only types of interaction without a refresh I know are sorting, toggle (expand collapse) and Go to bookmark. Sort won't help you here. Toggle isn't dynamic. So this will only work if you know all the categories forehand. You could add a list with textboxes one for each category. When the user clicks on the textbox the right chart is displayed. But the user has to click the textbox not the item on the main chart. And opening another won't hide the previous one. So I don't think it's of much use.
The Go to bookmark might be an alternative though. When you create a document map you can have the main chart on the first page and a child chart for every category on a seperate page. When the user clicks on a category on the main chart the page with the corresponding child chart is opened. On that page you can put a link to return to the main page. Disadvantage is that all the child charts need to render all the time. This might make the report rather slow.

No visual feedback on the hover other than the tooltip in SSRS I'm afraid.
jdallen75Author Commented:
That's what I was suspecting for both questions. Thank you for the confirmation and good explanations.

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