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I have a windows 7 x64 computer that is connecting to a Terminal Server (Windows server 2008rs Standard edition). On the Windows 7 computer, I have “printer profiles” for a zebra label maker. These “profiles” are actually just copies of the zebra printer which I name differently “jewelry”, “furniture”, clothes” etc. In these copies, I can go in and set specific adjustments for the margins and size of the label and save the settings. So when I want to print a jewelry tage, I select “jewely” etc.

When I connect to the terminal server, all these printers get uploaded, but if I make a change to one of them, the change is reflected on all of them. For example, if I set the label size for the jewelry printer, it changes on the clthes and furniture printer as well. Is there a way to make the terminal server behave like my windows desktop server?
Thanks you.
Robert AdvancedideaAsked:
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You can try sharing the printers on your desktop or a print server then on the terminal server set up a local printer port that prints to the UNC path of the printer.  This will take care of the session printer issue.  Uncheck the option to bring in sesssion printers in the RDP profile.

To add a local port in this way select add printer on the 2008 terminal server and select local printer port then enter \\workstationname\printername and add the drivers etc.. and configure each printer the way you described previously.
Robert AdvancedideaAuthor Commented:
This problem was never resolved. The client figured a work around however penguijas answer, which I just reviewed looks reasonable.
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