Mobile WIFI (DATA SIM) device with RJ45 network cable connection

Hi All

I am looking at this device or one similar:

This will be used to connect to a PC with 4 CCTV cameras on it so we can remotely view.

However, I also have one of these:

This has some great features such as remote viewing via a smartphone app and can be setup to send snapshot images at predefined times to as specified email address but it would not work with the above orange device as it needs to to connected to a router view a network cable.

My question is:

Can you get a device that which uses a DATA SIM card as the Orange device above but also a Network point on it for the d-link camera to connect to.

I know it's unlikely, but I do have spare wireless routers and access points so is it possible to connect the D-link camera to the Orange WIFI device via a wireless router?

Maybe you will think i'm crazy or it is possible? :-)
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If you read the camera specs carefully, its a wi-fi camera and it should connect to the mobile hotspot wirelessely after some initially configuration (SSID and encryption keys etc)

If you want a hotspot with ethernet connectivity then you could buy this device. it needs a USB based 3g card to work.
auraorangeAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks for the feedback, that mobile wireless router looks just exactly what I wanted although didnt quite know what I was looking for :-)
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