Moving 1TB of data

What is the best way of copying/moving/transferring 1tb data stored in SAN attached to a 2003 server to a new server at a different site? Thank you!
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Joseph DalyCommented:
I would suggest using either robocopy as mentioned above since you can do a major copy first and then a differential copy to get the changes since moving that much data will take some time.

The other tool I would reccomend is richcopy from microsoft. This is basically robocopy but written to be multithreaded.
If you require the file permissions to be held then use robocopy to transfer to an external drive and then back again at destination (unless you have a link between the sites in which case do it direct.)
Windows Server 2003: ESEUTIL  -
 eseutil /y <srcfile> /d <destfile>

If you happen to be on Win 7 or Server 2008R2  in the future, you can use: XCOPY /J
 ( /j flag added in 2008R2 / Win 7 - to allow unbuffered file copy)

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Make a vpn to another site (different site) , then use alwaysyn to another sever 's mapdrive.
Mohamed OsamaSenior IT ConsultantCommented:
I Would Also Consider Backing up the the 1 TB to a 2 TB external USB 3.0 Drive , and send the Disk to the remote site .
It depends™. How well connected are the two sites? How close (geographically) are they to one another?

If the sites are physically close, I'd go with a USB drive backup and restore.

If they're distant but have solid high-speed WAN connections, XCOPY, ROBOCOPY or even a DFS configuration may be the ticket depending on how quickly you need it transferred.
syseng007Author Commented:
Thank you for all the input!

How long does it usually to robocopy a 2TB data to an external USB drive?
Depends on what kind of data (many small vs fewer large files). give the time at around five hours.
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