Setup Alerts on Calendar View in SharePoint 2010

Hello Experts!

We created a List with a Calendar View in SharePoint 2010.  We used the "Alert Me" feature for the List and Calendar View but somehow it's not working the way we thought its supposed to work.  

This is how we'd like it to work:
group A setup an  "alert me" ( List Tools - List )for the list - notified when new item(s) added to the list
group B setup an "alert me"(Calendar Tools- Calendar) for the calendar view - notified when item(s) added to calendar.

Currently we are getting the alerts for item added to the list but we setup the "alert me" only for Calendar view.  I created a filter in Calendar view to show up when one of the field is checked yes - so it shouldn't alert us when new item is being added to the list.

Can you please provide guidance so the Group A will only get alerts for new items added to the list and Group B will get alerted for items added to Calendar?

Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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Yagya ShreeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Alerts will not work for the views if there is a filtering based on System Generated / Calculated columns

For remaining views, you can follow below post to configure your alerts:
Do you see only the items that you expect to see in the calendar view or do you see all items?
Yagya ShreeCommented:
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