web interface & TS server citrix PS4.5

I have a farm citrix PS4.5 on Windows 2003 VM, in the farm I have 5 servers
Server 1- web interface & TS
Server 2- data collector
Servers 3,4,5-  Application
I want integrate a second web interface servers & TS new (VM) in this farm
I have one web interface & TS server and I want add an other in case of problems
what are the steps for integration in the farm citrix PS4.5.
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Dirk KotteConnect With a Mentor SECommented:
you can set up the second server like the first.
configure all apps starting from booth servers.
configure booth webinterfaces to connect to "localhost" for the xml-service.
try boot webinterfaces ...

then create a new dns-name and set the a record to booth servers
(one name can have more than 1 record - try nslookup www.google.de)

current browsers try to access the second destination for a website if the first are unreacheble.
so you don't need NLB.
with CSG it is a little more complex...
DRRAMAuthor Commented:
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