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How will a fiber optic line change our setup?

They are running fiber optic into our building.  Currently we have a T1 one with VoIP in the office.   The equipment we carry is a Cisco ASA firewall and router.  On the router we have some port forwards setup.

What changes will a fiber optic line bring into the scenario that I need to be aware of
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Bill BachPresidentCommented:
Your question is not detailed enough.  By itself, a change to a fiber optic line may not require ANY changes into your environment.  Most likely, the T1 line comes in and is terminated by a hardware device today, which in turn connects to the firewall.  Replacing this with fiber would change the terminating device, of course, but it should have no impact on the firewall at all.  Of course, if the ISP allocates a completely different range of IP addresses, then anything can happen, but if it is the same ISP running both lines, I'd expect that they can make it mostly seamless for you.
The carrier may or may not move your T1 from copper to fiber, but if they do as their choice, they usually will convert the fiber delivered service back to a standard copper interface on your premises.  Thus, as mentioned above, you would not have any change to your setup.  Unless you want to increase the bandwidth beyond T1, there is not much incentive for the carrier to switch from the copper unless the old copper plant is becoming unusable.  In fact, the equipment needed to convert the fiber to copper T1 costs the carrier more than leaving copper in place.  However, if you are interested in direct Ethernet services for Internet connections, WAN purposes, or SIP trunking, then you would be sold those services over the fiber infrastructure.  If the fiber is being run in by a competitor to the local LEC, then you may find the competition lowers costs, whether you change the technology at your side of the interface or not.
al4629740Author Commented:
what is the local LEC?
Local exchange carrier - the telephony company.  Usually ILEC is the incumbant carrier -the primary local carrier prior to competition (Bell or GTE or ? in the US) is considered the ILEC.  Competitive local exchange carriers are CLEC - usually the newer competitors.

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