exchange server 2010 sp2 fail

Tried to upgrade to exchange server 2010 sp2 and after a reboot our exchange server was no longer on our server running 2008 r2. I can locate the files in the directory we installed to, but there isn't anyway to get it running. Under the start menu exchange server folder is completely gone as well. I can locate the mmc but it will not operate correctly either.  When i go into services all of the exchange services are disabled and when setting them to automatic start up I can not initialize them. They all fail to start with an error. We have tried re-installing but get an error saying it cannot locate original set up location or something to that effect. We then tried deleting the registry entries to maybe remove any trace of exchange, but that didnt work either. At this point we are really clueless as to where we need to go from here.

Please help!

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Simon Butler (Sembee)Connect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
I would suggest a call to Microsoft at this point, so that you can recover the server.
Exchange service packs basically reinstall the product, but the configuration is stored in the domain.
The registry hacking hasn't helped though, you may well be looking at stripping the data from the server, rebuilding the server and then doing a recver installation of Exchange. However getting Microsoft involved is your best option because if you attempt things like that and it doesn't work, you have significantly reduced your chances of a successful recovery.

Try repairing with the original version of the software. (the old version of exchange).

After you get the old version installed, then try the upgrade again, making extra effort to insure a proper install. (installing in the right mode, with the right version, minimal other programs running)

I've had similar things happen, but not with exchange. This can happen if other programs are preventing a successful registry and start-menu install, perhaps the folder was not writeable or lost connectivity (if a remote or removable device, or even if its an installed device that had a driver failure).

Another possibility is the install script failed out, but then it shouldn't have rebooted. Did you initiate the reboot yourself or was it part of the install script?
robwes79Author Commented:
We tried installing from the original disk for exchange but that does not work either.
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