Does anyone have a rough idea on what are the tasks and how long it takes to download, install and configure the latest  Apache HTTP sever on a RHEL virtual machine?

Also ,di have to be a sys admin or have root privileges to install or it can be instaled under another account?
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When you install the server via the package management tool yum,
#  sudo yum install httpd mod_ssl

the tool automatically downloads the software and sets it up with default settings. The above command will install a barebones web server with SSL ability also.

Most likely, it will configure the web directory to be /var/www/public_html or something similar.

This link has good info on installing apache the easy way: http://articles.slicehost.com/2010/5/20/installing-apache-on-rhel It sounds like this is the best way for you to get started until you get more familiar with the process.
Well most likely you are probably going to want php and mysql built into apache AT THE LEAST. There are a number of steps to getting this installed, you really should seek out more information.

You will need to be root in order to install apache and get it running as a web server, but any user can get the various components and compile them into a working binary.

The best way is to use the packages provided by red hat using this command:

#  sudo yum install httpd mod_ssl

You will have to be in the sudoers list, otherwise you will need to get root access and run the command directly.

It all depends on the connection speed, assuming a good VPS, the entire download and install should be less than an hour. Possibly significantly less, it also depends largely on what is currently installed on the machine.
sam15Author Commented:
This is a RHEL virtial machine and nothing on it other than red hat.

I do not need php and mysql.

I jsut need a web server for user to download statis HTML files.

Are you saying a system admn only has to install this? unless they add my unix account to sudoers list?

Don't you have to configure the web server after you install it ot not?

where do you download the latest doftware from
sam15Author Commented:
That is a good link.

I originally thought you would go here and download it


But it seems it is part of the RHEL OS installed.

As a DBA, would i be able to install and configure it it or this is more of a system admin job with root account to machine?
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