Smoothwall and Dans guardian installed and running unable to get on the WEB with wifi or cable

I have installed Smoothwall 3.0 express and loaded Dans guardian to block pornographic content.

I have the RED (internet) and GREEN( LAN/trusted) configured.
My default IP is

Red picks up the comcast DHCP form the cable modem no problem as I can ping and lookup servers on the web. My issue is connecting the GREEN to a Linksys router/ wifi. I was hoping to be able to traverse the network using wifi and then use the ports on the router itself for any cabled connections. To no avail i am not able to get on the web.

I have Web proxy enabled and transparent, Dansguardian running, DHCP is setup.
I did not locate where gateway is configured and I only see dns as dynamic, I have left hte defautl that comes with comcast, however I am not able to view it.

Could anyone help me diagnose this?

Thank you

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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Netstat -rn
To see your routing table.
Do you have DHCP on the smoothwall system? If so, disable dhcp on the linksys and alter the default LAN IP on the linksys to avoid conflicting with your smoothwall IP.  Plug in the green/LAN feed into one of the LAN ports on the linksys.

The other option is to plug into the wan port of the linksys while making sure that the LAN ip on the linksys is not using the same segment as the LAN on the smoothwall.
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