How can I auto-add Windows Toolbars that point toward network shares?

I have a need to be able to add Windows Toolbars to multiple machines.  They point to network locations on drives that are mapped at logon.  These tool bars need to stay or recreate themselves when the computers come put of sleep/low-power mode after lunch breaks, long meetings, etc.

Is there a tool, script, etc... that will handle this?
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doublestickConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If I understand correctly, read this. This is how you "work around" windows to allow it to be done in the first place.

Then, read this step-by-step.

Pretty cool!  (I didn't write these, just liked them!)

You have given me a great idea. I have always just used the desktop. Now, I will pin the taskbar.
ednetmanAuthor Commented:
Thanks!  I'll look these links over and see if they solve my problem.
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