Cyberlink Power DVD9

I have a laptop whose OS is win 7 prof 64 bit and the laptop is a HP G62 Notebook.  Whenever I play a dvd using the above software, it always buffers and I cannot understand why.  I do not have any other application running in the background  Hope someone can pse advice what I should be doing.  thank u.
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No it should play your DVD language even in trail.
When you insert your DVD wait a moment, first you may see the VIDEO_TS folder wait till that disappears
 then your offered a screen which shows the languages available.
If you dont change the language selection here it will be greyed out when clicking on the Star icon language selection at the bottom
Then you have to wait till it goes through all the first stuff and gets to the main top menue where you can select Play or setup
Click on setup then sub titles
Here is me playing the my bought DVD Avengers.
As you can see the title shows the languages available
Language selection top menueNow at the main top menue play, select setup here see the sub titles
Top menue play select setup see the sub titlesNote Trial Limitations
Trial limitations
Please confirm first that you now can play the DVD without lags?
PDVD Ultra? Pro or??
Is this a DVD? you made or purchased
or a video on your Hard Disk?
Make sure the srt is the same filename as the video and resides in the same folder as the video.

PowerDVD Ultra keyboard shortcuts  
U           Switches among available subtitles during playback
A           Switches among available
Ctrl+S   Activates See-It-All function,
Jeff PerkinsOwnerCommented:
Have you tried using another dvd player to see if you get the same result?  There are many reasons this might happen, and a few steps we can take to narrow it down.  
Try VLC player, it's free: VLC here
Hi  jegajothy,
buffering? Maybe wrong choice of words, buffering is like a progressive download that pauses while it plays to catchup with download..., your playing a DVD which has lags? stutters? Is that right?
It isn't that uncommon that tools like PDVD9 uses a whole lot of memory, specially with  windows 7 x 64bit that has an upper boundry of 17 giga bytes of RAM.
So if you have less than that there's your first problem.

Video card drivers, drivers always need to be updated to meet the new DVD demands
or the DVD Rom, doesn't spin right.
A dirty DVD disc,
or you need to use AC no battery so there is no drain on the power.,/ or your Laptop is brand new and needs some codecs possibly.
Any codecs installed?
K-lite? Divx? FFdshow?

If your playing one of the new DVD they are pretty high tech graphics and usually intense action.
Which DVD is it ? Does it happen with all DVD or just some?

If your laptop video card/dvd rom does not meet the demands of these high tech DVD then problems in playback do occur.
HP G62 Notebook.  Looking up the specs is this a business version laptop?

Could you post how much ram  
and How old is the Laptop?
How old are your video drivers?<< this is also important.
How long since you ran a defrag and disc cleanup? if the Laptop is more than 6 months old?
From the manual
DVD±RW and CD-RW SuperMulti Double-Layer Combo Drive with LightScribe specifications

Intel HD Graphics Media Accelerator<< should be fine but update drivers.
This shows how good.
ram doesnt state only what it can have.
2 customer-accessible/upgradable SODIMM slots
Supports dual-channel memory DDR3, 1066 MHz
Supports up to 8 GB of system memory

I would suggest you try playing this DVD in media player classic home cinema, not VLC. VLC used to be great but I find MPCHC is better for these new DVD.
They are both open source so use a lot less system resources and takes a load off the video card... That's why they are good to test video playback.

If you have set your DVD rom to auto open with Power DVD when inserted you can change that to give you some options
 by going to>Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Autoplay
That in itself may help.
Auto play
Let me know about those questions so I can determine what can be done.
Update your drivers for the video card.
How much ram?
Also PDD 9 is a little outdated. There is now Power DVD 11.
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☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
And have you patched DVD9 to the latest version?
Early releases we not compatible with W7 64bit

It's no longer supported by Cyberpower and even in their patched version there are still playback issues (mainly with BluRay) although there are some settings tweaks you can use to improve performance.

Patches here (scroll down to DVD9 and choose the version you have installed):
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
In response to  Merete and others, I salute u all for the immense technical knowledge on this subject, which is beyond me.
Moving away from DVD 9 I downloaded the DVED 12 trial version.  One setback is that I am unable activate the subtitles feature on the DVD as the language is an Asian language but it has  English sub titles and on the DVD 9 it showed the sub titles.
The menu seems to be grayed out, is this because the software is a trial version?
thank u.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
Thank u to evertyone who participated.  the DVD 12 works with the subtitles.  Though this is not a show stopper, but when I load the program, I get an error "The system could not find the path".  How do I fix this.  Thank u.
When you open Power DVD?
Or try to open the DVD from VIDEO_TS? folder that contains the Video-ts / IFO and Bup files
or a video on your hard drive with SRT in the same folder?
Using specific details helps us as we can't see what your doing.
Power DVD is not my personal choice either. As suggested use MPCHC or VLC a lot simpler and free.
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u
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