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I have no idea why my computer is restarting. It has restarted 4 times today at random times. I have the automacticly restart unchecked in the advacned properties of the system and also there is no event log taking place when I have the write an event to the system log.

How can I find out if there is a service that might be causing this because it might be set to restart, or what else can I do to find out why it is restarting?

This is XP with SP3
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arnoldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Memory/ power supply issues could cause an automatic restart.
I.e. the 3.3v which powers memory will trigger a restart when it drops below2.9v.

A memory fault should come up as a blue screen.

Use memtest to test the memory while t the same time testing whether the power supply is flaky.

Usually within the bios, you could look at the voltages/fan speed. Look t the output on the 3.3v. Line.
Depending on the manufacturer of the system you may have access to a tool within windows that will monitor those items to confirm.
When it restarts, does it do it "cleanly"?  That is, does it do a normal Windows shutdown and restart as if you requested it, or does it act as if someone hit a reset (not power) switch to immediately restart?

Does it seem to be more of a problem once the system is warm?

Consider letting the system run without you using it and see if it restarts.  If it does, try the same test in Safe Mode.  If it does not restart there (and does in the first case), startup items are a good place to look.
Overheating is another thing that can cause the computer to shut down without any warning.

You can usually check the temperature in the BIOS, but of course as soon as the system shuts down the CPU immediately cools. You can also check the temperatures using a tool like CoreTemp or SpeedFan.

If the CPU heatsink is clogged with dust, or not firmly secured to the CPU it could be an indication that overheating is the culprit.
test if it restarts after doing a clean boot
calitechAuthor Commented:
it was the powersupply
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