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I have been experiencing consistent syncing issues with netflix through my Xbox, PS3, and PC on my home network. I have Comcast Blast internet (50Mbps down, 10 up). My Xbox and PS3 are both hard wired in to a Linksys E2000 router connected to my own Motorola DOCSIS3 modem. My PC is in the same room but is using a Cisco Valet wireless adapter. My router pushes a WPA2 Wireless-N only signal. So, in theory internet speed should be a non-issue, but I have not been able to rule it out.

To start my troubleshooting, I ran some simple speedtests from my PC and iPad (both wireless, sitting next to each other). The PC reported ~20Mbps down, 1.4Mbps up, 30ms ping. The iPad reported ~20Mbps down, 1.5Mbps up, 90ms ping. Hm, not near my reported Comcast speed, but I am not sure how wireless is affecting that.

I have also ruled out my speakers and TV. No other systems have audio sync issues, only Netflix. Now the last tricky part to this equation is netflix on my iPad is ok. I don't really notice any sync issues. I am anal about it audio/video sync so can notice even a fourth of a second off, but the sync when playing from ps3 and xbox(esp.) can make my eyes cringe.

What are your thoughts? What other tests should I do? Could it be the router? Is 20 down 1.4 up on wireless acceptable? Should I be contacting Comcast to complain I am not getting promised speeds? Any help on this would be appreciated.
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ltrippanyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I reset my router and did a power flush on the modem. Seems to be much better now.
i'm on twc business class 10 down 1.5 up.  i'm running a linksys 2500 on ground floor, with my slim xbox connected via wireless-n.  netflix works perfectly.  i also have an apple tv, western digital tv live, and several iOS devices.  all of them never have issues.  my ping varies between 20ms-50ms, depending on the time of day.

i know this doesn't fix your problem, but i hope it gives you an idea of what works for me.
ltrippanyAuthor Commented:
Selected my own as it appears to have resolved the bandwidth issues.
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