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What is the default password on an AT&T Uverse 3801HGV DSL modem? How can this password be determined?

What is the default password on an AT&T Uverse 3801HGV DSL modem? How can this password be determined?

I am at a customer's house trying to logon to the AT&T Uverse 3801HGV DSL modem but someone has already marked off the password on the DSL modem label with a permanent marking pen.

I have checked the different settings and have found that the DSL modem says that it is using the default system password that can be found on the sticker on the DSL modem.

Can this password be found anywhere when I logon to the AT&T Uverse 3801HGV DSL modem through a web browser?

Once again, I am a computer tech who is being paid by a customer to open several ports on their AT&T DSL modem. We have physical access to the DSL modem but the password has been crossed out with a permanent marker and isn't legible. We are not trying to hack or do anything illegal.
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AT&T u verse usually uses the routers serial number as the password.  At least the few I have configured did.  I think password was admin.
KnowledgeableAuthor Commented:
The serial number isn't the correct password.

Does anyone else know how I can get this correct password?
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaCommented:
Is there another encryption key, a 64-bit hex value found just beneath the bar code?
Is this a brand new device or was set up before?
Can you reset it and try again.
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All AT&T modems have the password on the bottom that are unique.  If someone crossed it out, only AT&T can help you.
I'm not sure how much it will help you, but here's a link to the manual in PDF format:
KnowledgeableAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone for your assistance.

I called AT&T tech support who was able to resolve this issue for me.

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