Visual Studio 2010 Express - how do us web developers create a website??

Hi I bought a new computer and wanted the most up-to-date Visual Web Developer Express which I thought I was getting with Visual Studio 2010 Express, however there doesn't seem to be an easy way to create/import a website.  I'm currently working on a website created in Visual Web Developer Express 2008 and need to migrate it to  Visual Studio 2010 Express asap.  I'm not a 'geek' so please can someone tell me the simplest/quickest way to do this??
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teebonConnect With a Mentor Product ManagerCommented:
Have you tried to open your website solution in Visual Studio 2010 Express?
There should be a wizard guide you through the upgrade progress.
RouchieConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can do File > Open Web Site at which point 2010 will assume the directory you open is the web site's root directory.

The problem with 2010 is that when you save, it doesn't prompt to create a solution file for easy-access the next time.  This is fixed in 2012, which is now available.
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