Adobe Flash images PIXILATING

Hi Guys,

I ahve just finished a flash piece whereby different images expand when a mouse is hovered over them.

It was looking OK but now i have finished, when the images expand they pixilate massively. I created the shapes in photoshop twice the original size which helped but ideally need the quality to be spot on.

Can any one help?

I would appreciate a quick repsose if possible - i was supposed to have the work finished today!

many thanks,

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GabriologistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My other option was to have *two* versions of each of the graphics you wanted to show - one at the unzoomed size, and one at the zoomed size.

So, let's say your 'mouseout' image was 100 px wide by 200 px high. And when you mouseovered, you wanted your images increased in size by 10%. That means that your mouseovered image would be 110px wide by 220px high.

So, you use your image editing app to create two versions of your graphic, one at 100x200 and the second at 110 x 220. Since this is being done by your image editing app, it can take it's time to render the images nicely (as opposed to Flash having to do it on the fly).

So, when your mouseover event occurs, you do a scale of the 100x200 image, scaling it (tween) up to 110 x 220. But (HERE'S THE TRICK) - AS SOON AS THE TWEEN HAS FINISHED, replace the tweened image with the native 110 x 220 image.

So, for the few frames that the image actually grows, you potentially get some artefacting, as soon as the animation is over you replace it with a top quality 'final' image.

This is analagous to the sleight of hand that a magician uses. While the image is in motion, you use the built in Flash faetures to scale the image, but once the animation is done, you 'switch' to a better quality (i.e. 100% size at 110 x 220) image.

Hope this makes sense. Ask if it doesn't.
The target would always to try and have the images the same size in Flash as they are natively.

I know in theory it sounds like having larger source images should be better, but the issue is that the Flash player has to render them 'on the fly'.

There is one thing that you can try that should help.

Find the images in the Library, right click them and make sure that 'allow smoothing' is switched on. You need to do this for each image.

That's the 'quick and dirty' way to fix them. I can suggest another technique if that one doesn't do what you want, but there's a lot more work in my other suggestion.
Richiep86Author Commented:
It's helped quite a bit - thank you.
What was your other suggestion, draw it in flash? I did try but it's quite a task with several images.

I will accept this as the solution but just wanted to hear the other optio?n

Thanks again!
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