Software Development - Looking for T&Cs covering copyright and IP protection


I need to write up a one page protection clause where we do development with somebody else's IP.

Are their online resources or templates that I could use to figure this out?

Any help or pointers be greatly appreciated.

Thanks much
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What you want is probably a "mutual non-disclosure agreement" and while you may find boilerplate on the internet, it would be wise to consider whether you should have a lawyer draft this for you.  If the counterparty's IP consists of software, diagrams, descriptions, etc., you would agree not to release such documents or otherwise disclose this information for some period of time, perhaps a year, after the relationship between the parties is dissolved.  If the counterparty's IP consists of only ideas, and has not been reduced to any structured information, then the protected IP may be too nebulous or broad to be covered by such an agreement.  In that case, only the work products that are tangible would be the protected information, and you would want equal protections for your contributions to the project.

Try this Google search.

... and best of luck with the project, ~Ray
captainAuthor Commented:
Thx Ray. Loads to do, good start!
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