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I came across this illustration of a good network setup. What software would you experts recommend using on a solution like this?

I need a simillar setup so vessel server can be rebuildt almost instant with little technichal knowledge, and also client workstations can be recovered almost instant without loosing any data.

Are there any good solutions for this out there? :)
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Fred MarshallConnect With a Mentor PrincipalCommented:
For non-technical users the simplest solution is entire boxes pre-configured that can be plugged in in place of failed boxes.

Even so, they may/will need to restore backed up data that has evolved since the boxes were built.  

I'm doing this for a very unsophisticated user and even they can follow simple instructions to restore from their daily DATA backups once their computer has been swapped out.  They've done it a number of times.

I'm also doing this for network-critical switches and routers.  A set of pre-configured (AND tested) boxes is provided.  And a set of instructions for trouble-shooting.  The idea is, if the technical support person isn't available on site or remotely and even perhaps not by telephone then the local staff can swap out a box in a dire emergency.
The boxes are set up to be easily swapped out (cabling, etc.)
Then, the notion of swapping out boxes is discouraged - so it better be a critical issue AND they better get the best advice / troubleshooting available at the time before venturing into what should be considered to be a risky process.  You should be thinking that pulling cables, etc. can cause troubles of its own .. no matter the prior planning, etc.

So, I'd not suggest using something like disk images because doing so means something quite a bit more technical - including lower level troubleshooting.

Mileage will vary......
OeyhopeAuthor Commented:
My main objetive is:
 -Automated production of servers and clients, assuring rapid and trouble free rollout
- Limited Operation required! A platform for servers and PCs that is automated and ensures easy handling and distribution of changes and upgrades
-No skills needed from end-users! A solution that ensures staff without IT competence can deal with error situations in an easy and straight forward way
-Requires (satellite) communication, but supports a wide range of bandwidth options, from syncronizing with email-communication to online (satellite) solutions
try Backup Exec system recovery software or acronics for recovery purpose of the workstation.
shahzoorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you need Acronis Backup & Recovery Advanced workstation
that would solve all deployment problems

Its comes with Universal Restore to deploy image of a machine to any other machine available
Does not take much time or require any expertise
OeyhopeAuthor Commented:
Will build my solution partly based on these solutions
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