sbs 2003 is shuting down unexpectedly on DL360G5

i am running sbs 2003 on HP DL360G5 server.
since last week i am having unexpected shutdowns on server everyday. no errors gets reported in system log except error message after reboot that
''previous system shutdown on 18.30.31 pm was unexpected''

I have checked HP iLO 2 logs and only info i found regarding the case was

''server power removed'' and then server power restored''

this issue is happpening once or twice in every 24 hr cycle , looking for some advice. attaching  snapshot of system event log.

thanks  for help

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andyalderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
''server power removed'' and then server power restored'' suggests you have dual PSUs (because it can't record server power removed with just one) but also that the mains supply is bad. It's the sort of message you get when you try to run them off Back-UPS or similar simulated sinewave UPSs.
enable minidump for the server.
install windbg tool on the server, it will show u the cause of the unexpected reboot of the server.

It may be due to faulty application update or due to system file issue.
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
I would run diagnostic CD's on the server and start here.

You can download here.
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