How to send reminders about Appointments in Outlook to a different email account?


I have a client that has a company email account.  I have set up his office PC to synch up to this IMAP account the other day.  The same email account used to be a POP3 email account; but, like I said I have now upgraded the same email account to be an IMAP enabled email.

With that said the client had everything from his business email account forwarded to his Yahoo email because he could put his Yahoo email account on his smart phone.  My goal is to eventually have him use the business email account on his smart-phone and to have the client only use the yahoo email for personal use.

Anyway... I have a question regarding the Outlook calendar reminders in Outlook 2010.  The previous PC used to use Outlook 2002 (Office XP) and my client told me that he used to be able to get reminders sent to his yahoo email address for appointments in his business (outlook) email account.

My question is how can I send an e-mail reminder, automatically (for an appointment/meeting) from Email Account "A" to a different e-mail account "B"  ?
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAsked:
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KoenConnect With a Mentor Change and Transition ManagerCommented:
that is what most people set up a rule in outlook, to forward all appointments to the yahoo account (in this case, gmail in my case)...
And yes, the the existing ones need to be forwarded manually
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I know that if the client sets up his Smart-Phone to use the IMAP settings for his business email he would get reminders for his appointments that way.

But my question is, for right now:  

How can I send an e-mail reminder, automatically (for an appointment/meeting) in Outlook 2010 from Email Account "A" to a different e-mail account "B"  ?

This way the client can be in-synch with his business appointments on his smart-phone(which is set with the Yahoo email).

Currently all emails sent to the business account are automatically cc'd to the client's yahoo email(which he sees on his smart-phone).
KoenConnect With a Mentor Change and Transition ManagerCommented:
If you mean like a reminder 15 minutes prior to the meeting, I don't see how you could do that with an e-mail notificaction.

What usually is done is that people simply forward all apointments to a specific account (yahoo in this case) and use the calendar on that account on their smartphone.

I personally use gmail for that. downside is that deletions do not occur in your smartphone calender and appointments made directly in my outlook calender aren't either (unless if I forward them or add my gmail as attendant).

But this way I have my calendar on my smartphone and get reminders 15minutes prior to the meeting.

Sending a reminder email, would require an action, that would have to be triggered from somewhere. so if the outlook is running, you could probably use some script to send your email, but if the pc is not online (which would probably be the case lots of time) that would not work. And i doubt you would get authorization to run such a script on the server.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
So is the best option to forward the already existing appointments from the Outlook IMAP Business Account to... the yahoo Email Account?
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