Removing Exchange server 2003 from organisation

Dear all,

We migrated our exchange server 2003 to 2010, now it seems everything ok...

I have two old exchange server 2003, front end and back end servers are there.

i want to remove those old server from organization, for testing i stopped all exchange services on front end and back end servers.
than i ran EXBPA on exchange 2010 server. i am getting this errors on my back end server.

"Server AAA is a routing group master but a connection to port 25 cannot be established from the workstation where this tool is running"
"Server AAA is a routing group master but a connection to port 691 cannot be established from the workstation where this tool is running"

is it ok, or do i need to transfer some thing...i mean routing group master related things.
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Larry LarmeuConnect With a Mentor Principal ConsultantCommented:
If you are retiring the 2003 server you don't need any routing connectors.  Remove them.  After that go ahead and run Exchange 2003 uninstall on the 2003 servers and it will tell you if there are any more steps you need to take uninstall.
bill_lynchConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My suggestion would be to go through the Exchange 2010 deployment assistant and make sure all was done:

Then I would shut the 2003 servers down for a day or two to make sure no one has trouble with email.  Then I'd go through add / remove programs and remove exchange 2003 from the servers.  good luck!
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nivasnetAuthor Commented:
Ok, what I observed is after stoping services in my back end exchange server our mail flow is ok, but receiving mails from outside bit slow now, is it normal, something else.
nivasnetAuthor Commented:
Sending is ok, no delay....
vSolutionsITConnect With a Mentor Commented:
@Nivasnet :

Are your mx records pointing directly to your server or through third party?
Do you have any spamfiltering software installed for the new server ?
check inbound email flow using and let us know if it goes through unusual path.
Larry LarmeuPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
How slow is slow?
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