Red X for graphics in Outlook 2003

Red X for graphics in Outlook 2003
When user replies to the emails, user can see the graphics.
I have deselected the check box "Not download graphics" in Securitty Tab in Outlook 2003.
Deleted temp folder files for user.
Changed format from HTML, to Rich Text, Plain Tex.
But, still user can not see the graphics.
I also removed and reinstalled Office 2003.
Solo PascualIT SupportAsked:
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Have you tried performing a detect and repair?

This looks similar to an issue posted in 2007 (experts exchange):
Experts Exchange - Embedded Images Issue Resolved
Kiran ChCommented:
Is it happening for single user?
Solo PascualIT SupportAuthor Commented:
It is happening to a single user.
I removed Office 2003 and reinstalled it.
Kiran ChCommented:
Ok, have you tried what "Moosehead_" suggested?
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