Polycom Viewstation MP


I bought a Polycom Viewstation MP on Ebay for a local charity.

They often give lectures in their main office and want to be able to show the lectures in their branch office using video conferencing.

I'm trying to establish a connection between the Polycom and a PC. The PC will eventually be installed in the branch office.

However, the manual gives instructions on using Netmeeting, but that is not available for Windows 7. Ive tried a few others such as Ekiga but although the incoming call was detected, it failed to establish the call. I dont know why. The PC and the Polycom were on the same network.

Any advice would be appreciated, except please don't suggest Skype, Google Talk or Google Hangouts. They've been tried and the charity didn't like them.

Many thanks
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agonza07Connect With a Mentor Commented:
You may want to try Polycom's offering of it's VC software. Not sure if it'll work with Win7, though...


Or you can try XP Mode to run NetMeeting if you have Win7 Pro.
DanJournoAuthor Commented:
There was a demo of the Polycom software available so I used that for testing purposes.
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