Can W7 turn off the LED light on a flash drive when safely removed?

Under Windows XP, when I "safely Remove" an attached USB drive, windows turns off the drive's LED light and then reports that its safe to remove.

Under Windows 7, when I "safely Remove" an attached USB drive, windows fails to turn off the drive's LED light, but does report that its safe to remove.

Is there a setting in Windows 7 that would turn off the LED?  

TIA - Ed
Ed CovneyRetiredAsked:
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as per:

you will need to edit some registry values to have Windows 7 revert back to how Windows XP operated
I implemented the Per-Device Setting part of that KB for a couple Sandisk Cruzers here
(USB\VID_0781&PID_5406&REV_0010 and USB\VID_0781&PID_5406&REV_0200, or 078154060010 and 078154060200)
but it does not turn off their LEDs as XP did, though Device Manager does confirm when 'Safely Remove' has been invoked...
Ed CovneyRetiredAuthor Commented:
I  tried the "Global Setting"change - no difference, the lights remains lit.

I have 30+ identical usb drives and generally keep 3 or 4 installed simultaneously plugged into a 7-port hub. If I don't remember the order they went in (drive letter), and remove just one, which do I pull?  

I checked for an instance of "SoftRemove" in an XP registry - nothing.

I also tried both USM device properties (quick removal - def) & (better performance - write cache) also to no avail.

- Stymied for now.
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make sure the DWORD value you created, DisableOnSoftRemove, was placed within the hubg folder within the usbhub folder

also make sure to reboot the computer after applying the new setting for it to take effect
I don't know why the 'per device' method in that KB doesn't turn off the LED on my thumbdrives, but the global method does work for me.
Win7 - Turn Off USB LED on 'Safely Remove'
Ed CovneyRetiredAuthor Commented:
After back-ups, I rebooted last night and that did the trick. I put the change in a reg file:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Thanks again for your help - Ed
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