Any way for 'reverse' Unity while full screen in guest vm?

I have VMware Workstation 9 on my Windows 7 host running a Linux guest.  I'm trying to immerse myself in Linux so I'm running the guest in full screen mode a lot, but was wondering if there was any way to work with applications on the Win7 host (specifically Outlook 2010 for Exchange mailbox and some other Windows only apps) without having to switch out of the guest OS.  

Thanks in advance
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Nagendra Pratap SinghConnect With a Mentor Desktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
You can use citrix's seamless windows. Citrix has a 90 or 120 day trial.
Nagendra Pratap SinghDesktop Applications SpecialistCommented:
Use two monitors.
smocohibaAuthor Commented:
Wish I could but unfortunately this is a laptop that's usually in the field
smocohibaConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Doesn't look like it's possible.  I decided to reload and install Linux as the host OS, with Win7 as guest
smocohibaAuthor Commented:
doesn't look like it's possible yet
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