Slow Server

I have a Dell R510 with 50GB Ram 24 virt processors (2 X 6 core hyperthreaded)
OS is Windows server  03 64 bit. with SSD drives (intel) and raid 10.
The only thing this server does is our ERP system. Epicor Vantage 8.

The thing is that every no and then the server just bogs out. i mean to the point that you can not open a new window.
I check the task manager and processors are under 10%
the memory usage is fairly high - showing system cache of 45 GB
I have it set for background services on processor
and programs on memory usage
GB network connection that stays below 2%

There is something that is bogging the system but i cant find it.
i have procexp and tcpview on there that i use to try and track it down but they really dont show anything "weird"

So suggestions on where to start or what else to try to find the culprit?

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First thing I would do is create an image/backup of the system, then restore that backup on another system.  If the backup works ok on another system, I would focus on hardware issues (update drivers, run hardware checkers, etc).

If hardware is ruled out, I'd start digging in the event logs to address all errors and warnings.  

Either that, or try rebooting only running half of the services, then see if I still have the problem.  If I do, then eliminate the bottom half of the services and see if  the slowdown goes away.  This is all to help you narrow the source of the problem, and can be a slow process.

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Get an eval copy of Wildpackets Omnipeek and do a packet capture of the affected machines.

If you do this right,you can at least eliminate the network.

From there .it's troubleshoot the server and app by process of elimination.

My guess is that it's an issue with SQL.

>OS is Windows server  03 64 bit.

And you're running SQL as a backend.?

Dude, you've probably got an alignment problem.
optikconnexAuthor Commented:
It's not SQL its progress db. but a db all the same. it seems like its only happening in the mornings and lasts about 1/2 hour to an hour. problem is with 500 + people using Vantage I dont know who is doing what when. And I cant "play" with it to much or i"ll have 500 people unable to work.
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The only thing that I know of that you might be able to do on the fly about the alignment issue,would be from Paragon which has an alignment tool for partitions.

I can't say for certain that your issue is one of alignment,but it's worth a look into as M$ SQL has this issue and it may be related to yours.

Also check out:
Restoring the production system to a test system not only allows you to troubleshoot without impunity, but also makes sure that your backup procedure is good.  Add to that the elimination of hardware error possibilities, you kill three birds with one stone.

If that's out of the question, checking windows event logs for errors and warnings (event id numbers and event id sources) is also a decent place to start.
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

Apart from above experts suggestions/comments I would like to share personal experience; I am not sure this will help but you may find clue..

One client running Sun Blade Quad Core x 4, 16GB on SAN.... they were having similar issues… The application was Web base  and they were trying to upgrade hardware,,,, when we inspected the Hardware the Processor and memory utilization was normal (in your case the memory usage is high)..

we have found below issues...

1) Server Hardware was fine
2) Application was web base and some time user open session and while system processing they close,,,, Application was not intelligent so on backend it keeps running and after some time the thread goes in infinite loop
3) 300 Users were using same VLAN the broadcast traffic was more on network
4) Network was not designed properly and core switch was not capable to handle traffic properly
5) Users were not directly connected to Data center Distribution switch, switch chain was used (switch===>switch=====>switch

What we did to overcome issue
•No change in hardware
•In order to enable Session timeout and without modifying server firewall we place Servers behind firewall
•We created separate VLAN for each department
•We designed the network from scratch
               o      Fiber Distribution Core (All switch using Fiber)
               o      Server were connected to Server Farm switch
               o      STP enabled network

i do agree with expert restoring application to another server and check application performance..
optikconnexAuthor Commented:
Been watching it for a couple of days and havent seen a pattern yet (excpet for the fact its in the morning usually) I dont have another server that i can use to test on right now.
The event viewer is showing that all is good in the world. I will probably have to wait until this weekend to try a few more things. I am going to swap the network cable and have been considering running a second nic and clustering the two. we did cluster on our term servers a couple years ago and i wasnt impressed but maybe since this is one machine it might work better.
Our traffic is on vlans to a degree, the wireless is seperated out from the wired and we have guests on another and voip phones on another. STP is on and we have fiber running from switch to switch. will keep you posted.
optikconnexAuthor Commented:
Well I have been monitoring it for quite a while now and for the most part it has been better.
It has only happened a couple of times in the last 3 months. ( I can live with that)
If it starts happening regularlly again I'll repost.
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