Exchange 2003 to 2010 and resource scheduling

I'm upgrading to exchange 2010 from 2003 and have run into a problem with scheduling resources.  I created a test resource on my old server, added a few appointments, then migrated it to the new 2010 environment.  When I attempt to reserve it again using an account still on the 2003 server it fails to errors at all but nothing gets entered in the resource calendar.  Same in the other direction...users on 2010 can't make reservations on 2003 resources.  Is this normal behavior?  If so is there a work around?  Otherwise I'd have to do a full conversion on most mailboxes at the same time to prevent scheduling issues.
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I think I see the problem.  I unmounted the public folder database thinking it wasn't needed because in the prior version we never used them.  I'm going to try mounting it and doing this again.  So far there are no other issues.
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This is not normal behavior.  If the routing group connector is configured properly, resource scheduling should work.  Do you have any other issues? Public folder replication, email delivery, free/busy lookups, etc?
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Did you setup public folders and replication and that kind of stuff?

Ok let me know if it works
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Remounting the database worked, thanks guys.  I thought it was strictly for file sharing in the older version of Exchange but I see that with 2003 clients I'll need to keep it around for a while.
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