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We are  going to have a corporate conference. As IT director i would like to create some "FUN" activity so that everybody will remember this conference as "FUN" instead of "Boring".
the activity doesn’t need to be exclusively IT related. It can be anything fun and entertaining. Did any of you remember a specific corporate event which you specifically remember because something Special or fun happened ? May be I could reuse that Idea ???
thank you for your input..
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Animal Instinct: For this game, the office chairs are arranged in a circle and each of them is labeled with the name of an animal. A list of gestures associated with each animal can be predefined and discussed with the group or the staff members can be given the freedom to define their own gestures for each animal. Each staff member is supposed to enact the animal allotted to the chair in which he/she is seated. The facilitator of the game signals the team members to exchange positions, thereby changing their gestures. This game suits a moderately sized group and serves as a funny and interesting icebreaker for meetings.

Who Am I?: This game is sure to add a fun element to the meeting while also encouraging the staff members to interact. For this game, each staff member is given a celebrity name, which is tagged to his/her back. The staff member should not know the name given to him/her. Every member has to go to each of the other group members asking for a hint about the name tagged to his/her back. After receiving clues from all the staff members, the person has to guess who he/she is!
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Split into small groups that don't usually mix and run a scavenger hunt with a small prize, or a treasure hunt getting information about each other or the company from labels hidden around etc. The small teams get people talking and encourage a bit of friendly competitiveness.
Team bowling -- with a twist.  You have to go to a bowling alley that will work with you for this.  We're not talking Brunswick here...more of a small classy place.

Each frame has a different requirement.  For example "Decide on a team name, then each player throw 1 ball scoring as normal for spare or strike", "Team throws two balls this round, all team members must be touching the ball each throw", "Bowl as normal -- but team member bowling must be blindfolded while other team members guide", "come up with a team chear and do chear for judge during this round, all team member bowl normal",  etc.

Final score is based on bowling score and judging of other items "like team chears" mixed in.
Something we did at a corporate event where the point of the IT presentation was to help the rest of the company better understand what we do...went over well.

Actual presentation was done in Powerpoint, fully automated and timed with music, transitions, etc.

I got up to give the expected "boring" presentation the company expected of us, then called up my whole team to "introduce" them.  As we began talking about servers, networks, PCs, etc phones and pagers began going off and team members left the meeting.  Finally my cell phone went off, I made a show of "I'm in the middle of something....oh, I see...I'll be right there" then apologized and walked out as everyone watched wondering what was happening.  A few seconds later we kicked off the real presentation and let it run.

The real presentation was an entertaining look at the IT department, contributions, etc.
Animal Instinct -- I want a Youtube of that!!!!  Hilarious!
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