Small Network Setup - Hub/Switch and a few servers and computers with users

Does anyone have a complete Checklist or Cheatsheet for the full overview of how to setup a Basic network using only 2 Servers, 3 Computers, 1 router, 1 switch using Server 2008 and Windows 7.

I need to find something that is a good and comprehensive checklist to walk me through the process. I am familiar with the process, but I would like to have something (instead of typing up the entire thing step by step) that would be a guideline for others to be able to setup this small business network.

Let me know what you think, or if I would be better off documenting it myself for the entire process.

Just need something simple and easy to follow.  Thanks
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David Johnson, CD, MVPConnect With a Mentor OwnerCommented:
Let me know what you think, or if I would be better off documenting it myself for the entire process.

Every network is different.. there may be several items that are the same.  Better for you and the customer that everything is documented. i.e.

Operating system installation (common) record usernames, passswords, product key's

Install Operating system, install drivers, install windows updates

Server: Operating System installed, Roles Enabled, Group Policies Applied (and their settings and scopes), shared directory paths and sharenames. any username's passwords, group membership.

Ip addresses used and network paths(physical) i.e. a network diagram.

Any switch settings, switch ip address / username password

Both you and the customer get a copy of the documentation that covers everything
thing is...its goignt o vary depending on your setup...youa re goignto have to do it yourself.  that way you know what you are settingup
Wilder_AdminConnect With a Mentor Commented:
afrpaAuthor Commented:
Looking for something like:
-Quick Guide setup Windows Server 2008 with small network
-Quick reference sheet to setting up Server 2008 with network
etc... something along these lines.
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