ie9 error "has stopped responding" when the back function is selected

an error is displayed when you try to go back to the previous screen. the error box says ie has stopped responding.
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Do you have the same problem if you go to run:
Win Key+ R
and type
iexplore.exe -extoff
(This runs IE without Add-Ins)
after press Enter


If no Reset your IE 9 with this Fix it:
techproz828--If you are using the Back button at the top left, clicking it may not take you where you expect.  Click the little down arrow/diamond just to the right of the Back button to see where clicking Back is really going to take you.
The reason for this is that site blocking software (like HOSTS) on your PC indeed blocks access by your browser to the sites chosen to be blocked.  However, without your knowing it, the browser does try to access those sites.  The site blocking software blocks access, also without your knowing it, and that try is entered into the list seen when you click the down arrow/diamond.  So when you click Back the site blocking software is again blocking access.  That may cause IE to stop responding.
Next time this happens see what is in the drop down Back list so you can determine what site is causing the problem.
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