moving header text on zencart item pages (works fine on the category pages)

hi all. i'm attempting to fix some minor issues in my zencart store. i'm running v150. it was previously handled by a developer so i'm working within the constraints of someone elses code...

basically, all i'm trying to do is move a block of text to a different part of the page. sounds simple enough right? unfortunately there's some issues going on with the code. here's the way i'd like the text to appear on all the individual product pages, which currently appears perfectly on the main category/PARENT pages as seen in the screenshot below:

screenshot of parent pages with correct text:

actual link of a parent page with correct text: (spaces added to URL to prevent search engines from indexing this thread):
http://c u l

and here's the way it's looking on the individual item pages, for whatever reason:

screenshot of an item page with incorrect text:

actual link of an individual item page with incorrect text: (spaces added to URL to prevent search engines from indexing this thread):
http://c u l

in zencart, i've discovered that the tpl_main_page.php file of my template controls the product pages and that the tpl_index_product_list.php file of my template controls the category/parent pages. so of course, i'm trying to take the portion of the text/code from the category pages (tpl_index_product_list.php file) that seems to be controlling this text/header area since it's the one that displays correct, this part here:

<div id="categoryImgListing" class="categoryImg"><?php echo zen_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $categories_image, '', SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_TOP_WIDTH, SUBCATEGORY_IMAGE_TOP_HEIGHT); ?></div>

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as opposed to this part of the product/item pages (tpl_main_page.php file) which seems to control the text/header area that's out of whack:

<div id="categoryImgListing" class="categoryImg"><?php echo zen_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $categories_image, ''); echo zen_get_category_description(zen_get_products_category_id((int)$_GET['products_id']), (int)$_SESSION['languages_id']) ?></div>

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unfortunately it's not as simple as swapping the good code above in place of the bad one as that didn't work.. i've also attempted to to put the good code into different spots of the other file.. no luck yet.

any php experts have any ideas before i compress the text onto the images and call it good? that's my easy "solution" at this point, although not ideal since it's not SEO friendly or easy to edit in the future...

thanks in advance.
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Ray PaseurConnect With a Mentor Commented:
D'Oh (slaps forehead).  I just posted a Request Attention for this question referring to Zend instead of ZenCart, but maybe the moderators will figure that out and realize that I had a brain fart.
... compress the text onto the images
If you choose to go that way it does not have to be any kind of an SEO disaster.  Just put the text into the ALT and TITLE attributes of the images / links.  And if you can get the text into the <title> tag on the page, that will help a lot with SEO.
lgg733Author Commented:
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